Operating at a reduced timetable until we're on the other side of the Omicron outbreak

Masks encouraged, Vaccine Passes required until mid May.

A sanctuary near a buzz!

The Well is your wellbeing hub connection, belonging and purpose.

It offers a timetable of different sessions every single week allowing you to focus and work on your mental and emotional health - easily and regularly.

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The sessions are specifically designed to invite you towards:

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We know that your wellbeing cup can easily run dry without proper care. In the same way that a well nourishes a village, The Well is a place to fill back up.

Being able to build sustainable wellbeing tools in a fun, caring and intentional way means you can take leaps, ask for that promotion, run that marathon... live your best life knowing that support is... well, right here!

This is for anyone and everyone. If you are motivated to proactively engage with your mental wellbeing in a place where it is accepted, normal - even cool to do so, The Well is the place for you.

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Well session sometimes involves tea!

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You also may see a lot of cancelled sessions, we are operating a reduced timetable until we pass the omicron outbreak wave. Thanks for you support and patience.

"An amazing safe space to just be yourself and it's run by highly skilled, non-judgemental and caring wellbeing practitioners.
I highly trust and recommend."
- Andre, Participant.


the origin story. CoLiberate has powered many iterations of a wellbeing gym in the lead up to The Well.

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