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Haere Mai / Welcome

At The Well, we value mental health as much as physical health. This space is dedicated to helping people connect their mind, body, and soul with everyday experiences.

It operates a timetable of sessions for you to connect with yourself and others in an easeful way! For us, wellbeing isn't just mental health, happiness and hot stone massages - it's about connecting with yourself, showing up however you are and turning towards the things that help you feel you. Let's work out what works.

The sessions are specifically designed to invite you towards:


We know that your wellbeing cup can easily run dry without proper care. In the same way that a well nourishes a village, The Well is a place to fill back up. Being able to develop sustainable wellbeing strategies in a fun, caring and intentional way means you can take leaps, ask for that promotion, run that marathon... live your best life knowing that support is... well, right here!

This is for anyone and everyone. If you are motivated to proactively engage with your mental wellbeing in a place where it is accepted, normal - even cool to do so, The Well is the place for you.

The only weights you'll be lifting are off
your shoulders.

Much like a gym or a yoga studio - you can have access to an ongoing membership
You can pay week to week, month to month or year to year! 

Drop - In


Passing by Wellington for the day or wanting to scope The Well out before committing? Our drop in rate is $19 per session. No need to bring anything - we have everything you may need for every session here.. yoga mats, writing books, pens, tea... it's all here.

Concession/student/csc holders/gold card.
= $15 per session

    Week to Week


    Love the flexibility but also want to commit to making connecting with your wellbeing a weekly habit? This week to week pass allows you to come along every week and attend as many sessions as you would like...

    Direct debit / flexi membership.
    student/csc holders/gold card discount

    Month to Month


    You found what works for you and you've committed to making The Well a part of your everyday self- care ritual. Ka Rawe! This month to month memberships enables you to come along whenever you would like and attend as many sessions as you would like...

    Direct debit / flexi membership.
    student/csc holders/gold card discount

    Dearly Yearly


    A full year of self-care. This full year pass acknowledges your commitment to your wellbeing! Attend as many sessions as you would like every week.

    Direct debit / flexi membership.
    student/csc holders/gold card discount

    Seeking Lifetime Supporters


    Not only are you investing in your wellbeing for life - you are investing your money upfront to ensure that The Well, powered by CoLiberate will be there with you along  the whole way.

    CoLiberate are committed to ensuring everyone has accessible support options - are you with us?

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      Our system is currently filling up its cup so it can offer memberships in advance of our launch. Sign up to our mailing list and we will let you know when it's ready.

      "An amazing safe space to just be yourself and it's run by highly skilled, non-judgemental and caring wellbeing practitioners. I highly trust and recommend CoLiberate."
      - Andre, Participant.

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      the origin story. CoLiberate has powered many iterations of a wellbeing gym in the lead up to The Well.

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