Release your mind.

Expression is not just funny dance moves and making silly jokes, expression is connecting with how we are and just letting that be. When we express ourselves in a supportive environment it can significantly improve our wellbeing. You're invited to give one of our expression-focused sessions a go.

We offer these sessions for expression...


Tuesday 12.45pm
This is a luscious hour of peeling away the day and exploring your body and mind, offering an opportunity for all bodies and abilities to be expressive! 

A session focused on what you need for yourself, without needing to achieve anything external, this yoga is a chance to connect with your body and mind in ways that work for you.

Tom Brotherstone

What you need for this session.
You're welcome to arrive however you are!

We have yoga mats, blocks and bolsters. We suggest bringing clothes that allow you to move. There is a shower onsite if you do wish to refresh before going back to your day.

Moves and

Tuesday 5.30pm
Let the day go with this sassy street-dance inspired session which encourages you to connect with your body and find your own moves and grooves!

Tunes, some basic guided moves done your way, and the chance to move your mood in a supportive and energising anything-goes environment with others who care for and share your vibe!

Liesel Mitchell

What you need for this session.
You're welcome to arrive however you are!

We have everything you need here set up ready to go. You don't have to wear moveable clothing, the session is design so you can participate in whatever you are wearing.

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