***Updated, 23rd Sept***

Changes to The Well schedule and operating while in Level 2.

Kia ora everyone,

The main update is that… ALL SESSIONS ARE BACK IN PERSON. YAY!!

Given the recent shift of L2 requirements, we are continuing to provide regular wellbeing sessions with appropriate amendments to sessions to keep hygienic as possible.

We can have the landing space in the way you know. The tea, the colouring mats, the same setup - it’s all back.
You’ll be greeted by the friendly team, can put your belongings on the bleachers and take a tea and seat before the session starts.

A couple of things to still consider :

 1.  Booking Prerequisites
Thank you in advance for pre-booking through the website or the Mindbody app. This is particularly important to ensure that we are meeting the max 100 people requirement. Our good mates & venue partners, Two/fiftyseven are adhering to best practices so it’s important to us to be able to do our part too.They are currently closing the workspace at 5:30pm to ensure there will be a very little crossover between Well goers and two/fiftyseven co-workers.

2. Social Distancing.
You know the drill - 1 metre social distancing. We have done our best to make this easy in and around the sessions.

3. Masks wearing. 
You are not required to wear a mask during the session or around the landing space. Given the curtains are closed, it creates a well ventilated private space. You are still welcome to wear a mask if you prefer - we respect that.

Please continue to wear a mask in the lift or stairs.

It is Important to remember that some people have mask exemptions for valid reasons. We will be making generous assumptions that everyone is respecting the mask rule and that non-mask wearing people have valid reasons.

4. Sign In with the Covid tracer app.
You know it - sign in! There will be tracer posters for you to scan at the front desk.

5. The Well’s hygiene practices

Our partners at two/fiftyseven are super on to it. Luckily, their main development period was in the last lockdown so considerations for the alert levels were factored into the design. This means:Ventilation is designed to support 200 people in the space and the entire floor is vented every night.Cleaning happens at the end of each day.Hand sanitiser and masks will be offered and encouraged.

We are welcoming back the shift in Levels to continue providing hosted opportunities for relaxation, reflection, connection and expression.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our friendly crew at hello@thewellwgtn.co.nz