Well Membership

- Access to all sessions p/week
- Automatic payments/Direct debit 
- Includes access to special events and retreat sessions.
- Access to the yoga mats, Journals and shower facilities.

- Membership on hold options.
- Other Terms and Conditions apply


$105 p/month

$999 p/year

student/seniors/ csc holders

$85 p/month

To join send us an email and we will call you back to discuss the terms that suit you. We will follow through with a membership contract and get you set up through our booking system. Easy.

Email Us to join

Well Casual

Single session

Access to one of any session.


10 trip pass

Access to 10 sessions. Valid for 24 months!


Week Pass

Access to a whole week worth of sessions!





Want to chat Well Membership for your workplace?

We can offer a range of ways to support staff wellbeing including membership, private group sessions and discounts. Every workplace is different - connect with us to see how we can best suit the needs of yours.

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