Reflect for mind clarity.

Reflection and introspection is the act of taking some time to pay attention to your own internal experience.  To check in with our  thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and desires and connecting them with our day to day experiences. The Well's reflection-based session help to guide us through our experiences, to re-write, to re-frame, to bring a new perspective. It's good for you!

We offer these sessions for reflection...


Pen provocations to get your mind flowing onto the paper - we provide a cosy space and a caring facilitator to host you in prompted reflection, just for you, without any requirement to share.

A treasured chance to sit still for a supported personal reflective practice at your own pace, with no writing experience necessary, and all equipment provided!

What you need for this session.
You're welcome to arrive however you are!

We have everything you need here for this session... paper, notepads and notebooks for you to write on. We also have pens and pencils. You are welcome to bring your own journal if you prefer.

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