The new way to workout...

In the same way a fitness gym helps support your physical wellbeing - this is one of the only places in Aotearoa where you can attend a group session to develop personal strategies to support your emotional and mental wellbeing.

Our Vision

We believe that if we have hosted opportunities to relax, reflect, express ourselves and connect with others then we'll be more able to develop the skills and support networks that will help keep ourselves well - at all stages of wellness.

The sessions are specifically designed to invite you towards:

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We started at the bottom now we're...

Five years ago, the CoLiberate Co-Founders (from left) Bop Murdoch, Jody Burrell, Sarah Tuck had the vision to create the equivalent of ‘a gym culture for mental health’ where it was normal - even cool - to work on and connect with your mental health in the same way it’s acceptable to go for a run during your lunch hour.

After many iterations of the idea, CoLiberate are delighted to stand tall upon the Co-Founder's foundations and vision to launch The Well as a permanent service in the middle of Wellington City.

'We believe The Well is significantly contributing towards a better culture of mental health support and giving every day people like you and me an alternative way to engage with our wellbeing. This will reduce the pressure on professional services to be the only answer, and give people a proactive option that is accessible at all stages of wellness'. - Sarah

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