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The Brief Story.  

After 5 years running various iterations of a Mental Health gym throughout Wellington City, we are raising funds to launch our permanent service! Our vision is to create a gym culture for mental health which is just as valued as physical health and fitness culture.  We have teamed up with two/fiftyseven on Willis St and secured a long term lease on a sweet as spot above Unity books. We’ve hired a strong, connective, and empathetic team to run the service.. We’re now pulling together the final  threads towards our launch date…and this is where you come in. We have validated the need for this service and rallied around a crowd eager for this to launch big, and succeed...

… and currently, money is our biggest set back to launching asap. We  know if we can raise these funds, we can pull together the final parts and open much sooner than planned - setting up The Well to live a sustainable, long life  of epic impact!

It doesn’t stop here… we have big plans to  expand our vision for the future! We don’t want to only run in Wellington, as we know this innovative solution and proactive wellbeing service is needed all throughout the country. We want to bring The Well to towns and communities all throughout Aotearoa.  Let’s start here first! With your help, we can achieve this.

Just like it's the little convos that can make the biggest difference… so can your donation and support.


The Target - $60,000

First tier Goal: $60,000 
- our minimum goal.

This will go towards start up costs, equipment, space design, materials and some extra and crucial training for our facilitation staff. This is the boost we need to open. If we reach this target, we can open and launch this service on the 24th of June!!! This will mean The Well can support Wellingtonians through the Winter of 2021

Second tier Goal: $115,000
- our ideal goal.

This will cover our first tier goal AND give us a boost for the first season of sessions so we can focus energy on making sure the service is attended and thriving! This would enable us to bring in a Personal Wellbeing Coach service sooner - and provide subsidised memberships to some of Wellington’s most vulnerable people

Ultimate tier Goal: $185,000
- our ‘we’ll get here eventually’ goal.

This will cover our second tier goal AND allow us to travel around Aotearoa researching how we can set up versions of The Well in high needs regions. The Well would look completely different in Wellington City to say that of Porirua or Masterton - we need to take the time to investigate and validate a service like this one in other parts of the country! We are excited to do this eventually - We’ve got BIG growth goals. This will help us get here sooner.

" The CoLiberate Facilitators are mental health champions" - Participant


see some of The Well team below

How you can support

The best way to support is to help us get to our minimum target. Here are some ways you can help!

1. Donate ! No amount is too little - $5 not only helps reach our target but it lets us know you back us and our vision and that's priceless! We love the power of togetherness too - we calculated that if everyone on this mailing list gave $20 - we would be at our minimum target sailing towards our next target! 

2. Donate time ! If you don’t have cash to give but want to give time - get in touch! Advocating and campaigning alongside us enables other people to know about The Well. Sharing your connection and buy-in to our vision online helps us feel that we are not alone in this vision! If you have a video testimonial or want to share something publicly, we are here for that! Flick us an email

3. Lastly, please spread the word !  Got a massive network? Got a grandma that has been waiting for a solution this good? Sharing the word about this campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Tiktok, Slack feeds - at your hairdressers, in your family chat - your voice is strong and your network can help us too. 

Use our hashtag #Fillupthewell and forward this email around your workplace. 

What's in it for you?

Rewards, Rewards, Rewards! 

The best part is that there are some epic rewards attached to the crowdfunding campaign.
We have weekly, monthly, yearly and LIFETIME memberships on offer.

CoLiberate are offering vouchers to their renowned Mental Health First Response Course.

We have partnered with some local organisations who have donated rewards to the campaign!
Inspiring Stories have double passes to Festival for the Future, Six Barrel Soda have their delicious soda to give and The NZ Fringe Festival are donating vouchers to next years Fringe Festival!

The Well is powered by CoLiberate - a social enterprise working to enable the emotional and mental health support capability of Aotearoa, New Zealand. They work with workplaces to develop sustainable wellbeing strategies, deliver customised wellbeing workshops and Mental Health First Response Certificates.

The Well is proud to partner with two/fiftyseven. Interested in a co-working space full of interesting people working on making a huge impact?